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      Ludjin El Jamaal
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Miqarii H      
b * 2011     Ali Jamaal
    Magic Dream  
      The Dreamspinner
  Moondream Bai    
    Ahna-Lisa Bay  
      My Tiffany Bay
Mifadio H by Fadi Al Shaqab 2015
Mibala H by Alfabia Babilon 2017

Although already planned in 2009 it took some time till Miqarri was finally born in 2011.

Directly after birth everyone who took a look on this filly knew that she is “the one”!
Not only special in her expression and beauty, furthermore in her complete correctness with long legs, great body and a well settled and sharped neck, she is one to watch. Her kind character and nice movement makes it the “full package”.
She will stay at our farm and we hope she will become a full sibling next year as her dam will be rebreed soon.