Parys El Jamaal
    Besson Carol  
      Classic Krystall
  Fadi Al Shaqab    
      Marwan Al Shaqab
    Abha Myra  
      ZT Ludjkalba
Mifadio H      
b * 2015     Marwan Al Shaqab
    Abha Qatar  
      ZT Ludjkalba
  Miqarii H    
      Magic Dream
    Moondream Bai  
      Ahna-Lisa Bay

This colt has it all!

A lovely dishy head with big eyes and a well-shaped neck on an good shoulder. He has a short body and is an outstanding mover.

He is very typey and showy and with his interesting pedigree in which you will find the “who is who” in the Arabian horse world he is a colt with a big future as a show and breeding stallion!