Gazal Al Shaqab
    Marwan Al Shaqab  
  Abha Qatar    
      Ludjin El Jamaal
    ZT Ludjkalba  
      ZT Shakalba
Saqarii H      
ch * 2012     Sarezin
      Fairviews Shakla´s Sugar and Spice
  Shalimar H    
    Sabiha III  
Sabaya H by Borsalino K 2017

Already in 2009 this cross was planned.

Saqarii is the 2nd generation of our breeding program. And we could not be happier with her. With large, impressive eyes and a lovely dishy face she impressed every visitor. A well shaped neck with a nice body and long legs make her complete. She moves like her sire and with nearly the same markings she looks a lot like him. We are curious to see how she will grow and plan to show her one day.