Anaza El Farid
    Gazal Al Shaqab  
  ES California Dreamin    
      SH Top Brass
    AB Farenheit  
      SH Fire Maid
Majalah H      
bl-b * 2009     Ali Jamaal
    Magic Dream  
      The Dreamspinner
  Moondream Bai    
    Ahna-Lisa Bay  
      My Tiffany Bay
Majafah H by TF Afrikhan Shah
Majabah H by Alfabia Babilon

We imported Majalah´s dam in foal in 2008 and was absolutely thrilled as she gave birth in 2009 to this stunning black-bay filly.

Right from the beginning she had this unbelievable special look. Beside her remembering color, she has a great body with nice long legs and her movement is fantastic. She is a tall girl and her neck is long and well shaped. We look forward to breed her and hope she will be an wonderful producer, like her dam.