Parys El Jamaal
    Besson Carol  
      Classic Krystall
  Fadi Al Shaqab    
      Marwan Al Shaqab
    Abha Myra  
      ZT Ludjkalba
Mafadijah H      
b * 2015     Ali Jamaal
    Magic Dream  
      The Dreamspinner
  Moondream Bai    
    Ahna-Lisa Bay  
      My Tiffany Bay

Mafadijah is a lovely filly. Right from the beginning she was very special. With her big eyes and her beautiful head she stole our heart.

Like her whole family she has this special look. She has a great body with nice long legs and her movement is fantastic. Her neck is long and very well shaped. We look forward to breed her one day and hope she will be an wonderful producer, like her dam.