Al Adiyat Inshass  
  Al Adiyat Conquest    
Aaliyah El Jamaal      
gr * 2007     Ali Jamaal
    Encore Ali  
      My Mavica
  RH Preciousmoment    
    Falehs Valentine  
      Santa de Orlee
Aiyana H by Gazwan Al Nasser 2011
Ayarah H by Borsalino K 2014
Ayaro H by Borsalino K 2017

In 2007 Aaliyah came as a fancy foal by foot with her stunning dam to our place.

In the meantime she became a sweet mare with a kind nature and a dishy head. Beside a great body, she has long legs and very good movement. She seems to be a super broodmare like her dam, but unfortunately we lost her first filly foal. So we hope that she will give us again such a nice filly to keep for our breeding program.